Pink Straps
Pink Straps
Pink Straps
Pink Straps

Pink Straps

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🏋️ IMPROVE YOUR BRANDS: Increase and gain weight in deadlifts, cleans, movements with dumbbells and bars. Without the limitation of the grip you will be able to put more weight in your training and progress faster.
💪 MORE MUSCLE: Using straps allows you to focus on performing the movement correctly without straining your grip and losing your posture. By mobilizing the muscles correctly you can move more kilos and optimize muscle mass gain when performing movements in the gym or CrossFit.
✅ PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of high quality cotton and reinforced seams that allow you to move weight without limits and without worries. Maximum safety and reliability for intense training.
🤕 LESS PAIN: Our gym straps allow you to perform movements with much more safety, especially in rowing or movements in which a pull is exerted, having these straps reduces the pressure or tension placed on you. causes to the forearm and biceps.

🧽 CLEANING: The straps can be washed by machine or with both hands, can maintain shape, elasticity and color, and can be used for a long time.

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